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There are many things that you can learn about your dogs to improve both their life and yours, and learning how your dog tick can be helpful to their behavior, their personality, and their home life. We’ve put together several interesting facts to help you learn a little more about what’s going on with your pet dogs.

Dogs need to meet strangers when they’re young.

It may be tough for dog owners to introduce other people when they’re young but according to Reader’s Digest, it may be crucial to their socialization skills. Experts reported that dogs should meet about a hundred people in their first months of living in your house. These should be people of all shapes, and sizes. Familiarizing your dogs with the people will cause them to be much less stressed with strangers as they mature. You should include people with accessories like hats or sunglasses, as well as people who are wheeling a stroller, bicycling, or doing other day-to-day activities.

Your dog can see more than black and white.

It has been said that dogs see the world in black and white. You’re wrong! Eyes have nerve cells that can be split into two categories, ocular cones, and ocular rods. The main purpose of rods is to detect light while cones are the ones that perceive color. People have many more color-sensing cones than dogs have. Humans can see the color spectrum, while dogs can only see three shades of color, yellow, blue, and blue-violet. Anything with shades of green or red appear as shades of gray. But there’s a trade-off, while dogs have fewer cones than people do, their eyes contain triple the rods. It means that they can detect motions better and can see much better in low light than we do.

Dog noses are more advanced than you can imagine.

According to the TedEd lesson, while people have about 6 million olfactory receptors in their noses, dogs have upwards of 300 million. A dog’s nose is also remarkably practical, they can inhale through their nostrils and exhale through the sides of their noses, meaning there is continual scent-processing happening. This is where your dog’s wet nose comes into play, as well as why their noses are wet because it catches compounds in the air. They can smell separately with each nostril, which allows them to pinpoint the direction that the smell is coming from. Some dogs can even smell whether a person has cancer. They can smell when their owners just walked by or if their car just pulled away.

Food allergies are not as common as you would think.

Food allergies are not as common in dogs as you may think. While pet food companies may suggest that dogs may have some intolerance to some ingredient. You may hear about grain-free foods are better for your dogs but actually more dogs are allergic to proteins than grains. Cummings Veterinary Medical Center said that the most commonly reported food allergies are dairy, chicken, eggs, and beef. You don’t have to worry about giving your dog gluten-free products because they are very rare for dogs.

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