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Pomeranian is a big name for a big dog. As huge as thirty pounds, the Pomeranian has been said to be very similar to the wolf Spitz in weight, hide and hair. This is not surprising since the Pomeranian originated from the bloodline of the Spitz dogs. The Spitzs are from Ireland and Lapland and were sled dogs.

The dog took its name from Pomerania which is located near the area that surrounds the Southern coast of the Baltic Sea. Pomerania has now become Germany and Poland. The dog was not given the name Pomerania because it was born there but more than likely it was in Pomerania that it had been bred to Smaller proportions. In its original (larger) form, the Pomeranian herded sheep and their gigantic form was even noticed in Britain in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Pomeranian had been established in the Kennel club in 1870. Queen Victoria of England had a Pomeranian. Her adored pet was named ”Marco” which Queen Victoria brought back with her From Florence, Italy. Queen Victoria was highly regarded and loved by her people, as a result, Pomeranians became more in demand. What is also interesting is that the Queen preferred smaller Pomeranians to the larger breed. So, the populace started to want the smaller dogs also.

In about 1892, the dog was revealed in the United States in what was known as the miscellaneous class. However, it was in New York in 1900, that the Pomeranian started to be classified regularly.

The American Pomeranian Club has its initial specialty show in 1911. Now Pomeranians are smaller, but back then the original American champions were more substantial in the bone. The Pomeranians had huge ears and was under six pounds.

However, the dogs had a type and excellent coat texture. Today, the Pomeranian have gentle temperaments, with energetic spirits, and are well-built animals. They also have a wealth of hair, unlike in the past.

The Pomeranian is a very comical type of dog. Its comics will keep you laughing over and over again. I think these dogs have a 6th sense when it comes to this. They do just sweet spontaneous gestures you can’t help put a smile on your face. Pomeranians don’t run they hop but with a very graceful style. They are cheerful and happy most of the time. They will make a child a very happy camper and a wonderful family pet.

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