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While it’s always helpful to have lots of ways to hold on to our dog, “Love Handles” are no less healthy for your Best Friends as it is for us. It’s never ever too late to take steps to improve your dog’s health, mobility, and lifestyle. Here are 10 ideas to help your pet reach their perfect, healthy weight.

  1. Measure food out in daily portions and utilize that food for treats in addition to meals. Never estimate amounts. Use a food scale. Get acquainted with the caloric measurements of your dog’s food.
  2. Avoid processed treats; instead, seek out healthy single-ingredient deals with (such as fresh vegetables and fruit)– and know their number of calories.

  3. Use play, appreciation, petting (just in forms the pet dog delights in), or attention instead of treats to reward great behavior.
  4. Some pets use food-seeking behavior as a way to seek attention. Try replacing play, petting, and other types of interaction instead of succumbing to that begging for a treat.
  5. Walk with your pup. Gradually increase distance as your pet builds up their endurance.
  6. Have fun with your pet! Search for toys that interest your pet dog and encourage motion.

  7. If your dog gets bored with a toy, put it away to highlight at a later time and try a brand-new one.
  8. If your pup likes to have fun with other pups, schedule play dates with appropriate play partners.
  9. Position your canine’s food bowl in a various place at every meal; turn “going to discover the bowl” into a “search and find” game.
  10. Use a food-dispensing toy so that your pet gets workout and enrichment while consuming.

If you put all (or even some) of these tips into action, your dog will be ready for “bikini season” in NO time! Not to mention, they will live longer, healthier lives–and isn’t that what we all want for our best friends?

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