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If you think you are the only one suffering from bad breath, you may want to think again. Although bad breath is a condition common to humans, your dog may also have the same fate. Incredible as it may sound; your dogs are also at risk of having bad breath.

But, you don’t have to worry that much. There are now lots of bad breath products for dogs available for your dog’s needs. In fact, most of these are products for home remedies; saving you from visiting the vets too often just to restore your dog’s pleasant breath.

Now, there are lots of home remedies for your dog’s bad breath. And since people have different interpretations of bad breath remedies for dogs, it is up to you to decide which one will best suit your pet dogs. The following are some remedies to try to keep your dog’s breath always pleasant;

Dog Toys

Perhaps you won’t believe this, but some of your dog’s toys are not just designed to help you in training it. Some of these are also effective in cleaning the teeth of your dogs. Dental chews are among them. These are usually designed to massage the gums of your dogs as well as clean its teeth, removing plaques and food particles in between. Greenies and Nylabone are two of the most popular brands when it comes to dog dental chews. You may want to watch out though because most dental chews are not meant for dogs with stronger chews.

Dental sticks are also great for your dogs. This is also designed to massage the gums and get rid of food particles and plaque between the teeth. You can fill the sticks with treats to make your dog happy while keeping yourself satisfied at keeping your dog’s breath pleasant.

If your dog likes bone for playing, it is fine because bones can actually help keep your dog’s teeth clean. However, you should be aware that giving your dog some cooked bones is not a good idea at all. Why? It is because cooked bones can crack while they are playing with them and can cause serious injury to your dogs especially in the mouth. Instead, give your dogs some raw bone to play with.

Water Technique

If human needs plenty of water to keep anaerobic bacteria at bay, well so are your dogs. You need to provide your dogs with lots of water to keep their mouth moist and its mouth free from food particles. You also have to make sure that your dog’s water are always clean; thus, you can be sure that no food particle or bacteria will get back to your pet’s mouth. Or you can buy oxygenating solution meant for dogs; by mixing this to the water, you can be sure that bacteria are destroyed and your dog’s breath fresh.


If you need brushing to keep your mouth and teeth clean, so are your dogs. There are brushes specially designed for your dogs. Just make sure that you brush your dog’s breath properly and regularly and you can rest assured that no visit to the vets is necessary.

Aside from these home remedies and bad breath products for dogs, you can also keep your pet’s breath fresh by choosing what it eats. Experts advise that you give your dogs some mixture of dry dog foods and canned ones. You can also consult your vets for guides on how to keep your dog’s breath pleasant all the time.

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