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Researchers commissioned by the pet insurance industry have found what most pet owners and pet lovers are looking for. They have run a survey asking about 2,000 pet lovers about their ideal pet or animal companion. The findings are somehow amusing, intriguing, logical, and exciting. Many enthusiasts are hopeful that with the current advancement of science and technology, the perfect pet would not just be a dream. So what is the perfect pet according to respondents?

The pet insurance sector has always been curious about what is it that surely and absolutely please the market. Though many pet owners are more than in love with their pets, at the back of their minds, they are still wishing to find one more perfect pet. This is because as you know, animals usually have their flaws. No pet is perfect, so if given the chance, pet owners would love it if they could create their own pets, integrating all the features they like and are looking for in such companion animals. Be informed that the result of the poll is not directly related to the basic services and coverage of the pet insurance industry. The findings are more trivial in nature.

Now for the moment of truth. The curious cross-breed of a perfect pet has been dubbed as an Equicanigattus. This is according to pet insurance from More Than. The respondents of the survey said their ideal pet companion would be; picture this, 7% rabbit, 9% horse, 35% cat, and 49% dog. Get the picture? If you are a visual person, what a vision you could produce! If you have always been amazed by the sphinx, you would be more amazed at the perfect pet. Its appearance is dominated by dog features, more probably the body structure. Its face could be a combination of the best facial features of the mentioned animals.

The first computer-generated picture of the Equicanigattus or perfect pet has drawn so much attention and interest among pet lovers. The pet insurance industry has even coined a name for it, of course. It is called Max. It has the long ears of a rabbit, the overall body built of a golden retriever, the lovable face of a cat, and the tail of the horse, with a mane of course. Children could somehow be scared of Max’s virtual appearance, but pet lovers surely would be all the more excited. Now, they could see the image of their perfect pet.

The research even pointed out that had Max been given the chance to live, it would take many other outstanding features, aside from physical uniqueness. The perfect pet would always have a very high energy level, it would love walking, and sleeping around for about 9 hours and 27 minutes every single day. Now the insight of the study. The experiment as conducted to provide a good insight into the exact kind of animal people would naturally love to have as a pet. The features transcend looks and personality. It just shows how pet-obsessed people could be.

The pet insurance industry these days is apparently more than an active sector that provides insurance policies to pets. They are also reaching out to provide more insights and information for the knowledge (in this case entertainment) of pet lovers and pet owners.

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