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Dog jewelry is a favorite not only amongst dog lovers but also amongst those who like to own different kinds of animal jewelry. Dog jewelry ranges from bracelets to charms to totems to specially made dog jewelry for men and women. Most of the high-end quality dog jewelry is made from yellow gold or white gold, but may also be made in sterling silver. These are the more expensive varieties of dog jewelry other more reasonably priced variations of dog jewelry are also available. These more affordable pieces can be found in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether it is some kind of metal or plastic or some alloy, this jewelry is available in all ranges. In fact, some pieces are specially designed by known designers belonging to famous jewelry houses. Other than these designer jewelry houses, dog jewelry can also be found at departmental stores, general jewelry stores, online websites, and in some auction houses too.

It is available to suit all kinds of tastes and different kinds of budgets. You just have to know what you are looking for. Dog jewelry earrings and bracelets can be an unusual and wonderful addition to any outfit and are not overly flashy. They form an unusual and intriguing accessory, which can change your entire look. Dog jewelry earrings may either come in a dangle form, or in a stud form. Dog jewelry bracelets are also a great item to own. Dog jewelry pins can add a beautiful and innovative touch to a jacket or scarf. They add a dash of color and chutzpah, which, if used correctly, can create an innovative style. These pins are of the dog’s shapes and may either be hand-painted, pewter, gold, or bronze plated.

Dog jewelry also includes charms, which can either be in the form of a charm bracelet or charm necklace. Many consider these to be a good luck charm. This piece of dog jewelry can add a dash of style to your outfit and can be worn by your pet too, making him the center of attraction amongst the rest of your dog-loving friends!!!

‘Dog jewelry locket rings are great too because they hold your photo of the dog you love and look good when worn. However, these locket rings don’t necessarily have to hold the picture of your animal, it can even hold the photograph of some close loved one.

Dog jewelry is also available in the form of a ring. This can give you the option of either showing off or being discreet about your love for dogs. This jewelry is the ideal gift to give to a dog lover, to someone who owns a dog, or simply as an unusual gift to give to somebody. Not only that, but it is also a wonderful way to show your own dog how much you love him.

Dog jewelry is a unique item that you can not only gift but can also buy for your own self. It adds an unusual look to your overall appearance and can be a wonderful conversation starter!!!!

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