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An essential to your pet dog’s health is his/her regular yearly examination with the veterinarian. Whether you select to have your pet vaccinated at this time, the annual checkup is likewise an outstanding chance for an extensive physical exam to be performed and a time to go over any small problems or issues which you feel might be impacting your pet’s health or wellness. This is a time when your vet may pick up inherited diseases and so on (when your dog is young) so they can be treated early, or simply watched on. And as your canine ages, the veterinarian might find the early signs of more sinister health problems.

I recently took my pups for their annual examination, and for the first time alarms were raised about matters of substantial issue – it was believed that Kara may have early phases of lymphoma (cancer) – which, fortunately, tests then proved to be not the case. And Jet apparently has something akin to the early stages of cataracts in humans in her eyes, and according to the veterinarian, Jet is likely to go gradually blind over the next a number of years. A minimum of knowing this in advance provides me the opportunity to watch for any developing signs and, if and when necessary, adapt her getaways and home environment to take into account any sight loss, and most importantly, it has made me realize that vitamin and mineral supplementation in pet dogs is, in fact, a really sensible idea.

Worming and “de-flea-ing” your dog are the commonest kinds of health measures which you probably undertake yourself for your dog. Pets which hang out with other dogs outside the home tend to become plagued the most frequently. Fleas are very annoying for your canine. Some dogs are allergic to flea bites. My Rottweiler has been awfully impacted two or three times now by this self-perpetuating cycle triggered by her allergy to flea bites. Most of the skin damage has actually been triggered by Kara persistently scratching and injuring herself. A dog with an infestation of fleas is neither a healthy nor a delighted pet. At the very first sign of a flea, it’s crucial to treat your dog for this very typical issue. If your canine is scratching more than usual, the very first thing to do is an extensive search through your pet dog’s coat. By doing this, you’ll guarantee that your pet is as healthy and happy as can be!

So, be proactive with your animals–make sure they are well protected from pests and disease, and make sure ALSO to have them microchipped in case they should happen to run off. You’ll be SO glad you did!

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