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If you are in the process of training your dog or considering it, then you might like to check the following list to ensure that you are not making one of the common mistakes.

1) Giving different words for the same command.

If you want your dog to obey your commands, you must be consistent with the words that you use. For example, you may issue the command ‘Sit’ most of the time. It is no good expecting your dog to also sit down when you say ‘Get down off my favorite chair’

2) Rubbing nose in urine

This has no effect on training a dog. All you are doing is burning is nose. Which is probably something that you don’t want to do.

3) Smacking, hitting, and punishing the dog.

Experts dog trainers have shown that this type of human behavior has no positive effect on a dog,

4) Shouting

This will just confuse the dog. Remember, that the whole point of verbal commands is that you have taught the dog to learn from the sound of your voice to link it to an action that he needs to take.

5) Letting the dog eat at the same time as you.

This indicates to the dog that he is your equal. What you need to do is let the dog eat after you. This will teach him that you are the master and in control.

6) Making training sessions too long.

15 minutes is just about right for a training session. This keeps it fun for young dogs that can have a short attention span.

7) Starting training too late in the dog’s life

It’s far easier to train a young puppy. As a dog gets older you will have to put in a lot more obedience training and may have to take the dog to a training school.

8) Puppy crate too big

Puppies don’t like to be in a big crate. It makes them feel uncomfortable. You can get crates that are adjustable. So that as the dog gets bigger you can adjust the size of the crate to accommodate him.

9) Training the dog when you are in a bad mood.

Don’t train the dog when you are in a bad mood. This means that the tone of your voice will be different and the dog will not be able to link your verbal commands to the action that he should take.

10) Not giving lots of praise.

To enforce your commands, when the dog has taken the right action give him lots of praise.

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