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I would like to add my rescue story to the annals of history.  It’s a pretty good one, and I hope you will agree.

For several years, my husband and I had three wonderful dogs, but as they are wont to do, they began crossing the Rainbow Bridge one by one. 

When we were down to our last living pup, we told our veterinarian that we were in the market for a new dog and to let us know if he knew of one that was in need of a good home.  We also planned to visit the local animal shelters.


Before we had the chance to go looking, our vet called my husband and said, “I’ve got this sweet little Blue Heeler here that is in need of a place to go.  I’d like to invite you over to meet her, but before you come, there IS something you should know.  She was hit by a car and injured pretty badly.  We patched her up as best we could, but there’s a chance we still may need to amputate her right front leg.”

That didn’t deter my husband, and off he went to the clinic to meet her.  They brought him to the back where they were keeping her safe and quiet in her cage.  As my husband knelt down, they opened the door to the cage.  The little dog bravely and slowly made her way over to him and proceeded to lick his hand.  Obviously, he was putty in her paws, and the deal was sealed.

It didn’t matter to us that she might require further medical attention.  We wanted to give her a good home, and a few weeks later, home she came.  We named her Katie.

Good News

And, as it turned out, we didn’t need to amputate her leg.  We helped her heal, and made sure she got the physical therapy she needed.  As time went on, you couldn’t even tell she’d ever had a problem (except for the funny way she would flip up her front paw when she was running!)

As fate would have it, a few years later, I was the one in need of some help.  I had a very badly herniated spinal disc in my neck and needed emergency surgery.  I didn’t have to stay long at the hospital, but I had to wear a neck brace and treat myself, as my surgeon said, like “fine china.” 

Just as we had slowly brought Katie along with gingerly walks, she was able to do the same for me.  Because she needed her daily exercise, she and I would walk together down the long driveway at first (because that’s as far as I was able to go), but eventually the walks got longer and my neck and back, like her leg, got stronger.

From that day forward, I always liked to say that, just like we helped Katie heal, she in turn helped me heal.  She was my little buddy, my furry best friend, and I loved her with all my heart. I am forever grateful to that little Blue Heeler for her grace, her bravery, her friendship and her love.  We rescued her, and she res

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